What Is Detailing?

Detailing is a service performed by qualified and skilled individuals. Our company’s ethos is car care done the right way delivering dramatic results with the long term care of your vehicle being our primary concern.

90% of paintwork imperfections are inflicted during the wash and drying process. Improper techniques can lead to swirl marks and even is some cases deep scratches. Improper chemicals and knowledge of use can lead to serious discolouring and dulling of the paintwork and trims as well as nasty chemical etching.

At Devilish Detailing whether it be in our valeting services or our preparation for polishing all of our techniques and products are specialized to safely but effectively remove dirt, grime, tar, tree sap, iron deposits and all other contamination from your vehicle without inflicting lasting damage. We ensure that a total cleanse has been achieved so not to interfere with either the polishing stages or the ability for any protection to bond with your vehicle

Our Gloss Enhancement and Paint Correction Packages are multi-stage polishing processes that remove paintwork imperfections such as swirls, water spots, chemical etching and random deep scratches (RDS). Paint correcting can generally be broken down into 3 stages, Cutting – to remove as many paintwork imperfections as possible based on the depth of paint, Refining – To remove any hazing or buffing trails left behind from the aggressive cutting polish and reintroduce clarity, and finally Jeweling - which burnishes the paint to a high gloss finish. Enhancement packages only contain the latter two stages and can take around 2-3 days to complete where Paint Correction can take 5-7+ days. Perfect paint isn’t a quick process and takes time to create that crisp finish everybody loves!

Always keeping abreast with the latest technologies in surface protection Devilish Detailing carefully select the most suitable protection for your vehicle. Whether it be a durable sealant for the winter months, a glossy wax for a timeless classic show car or a state of the art ceramic coating Devilish Detailing have experience and training to apply them all.

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