In The Studio – Jaguar XF

In The Studio – Jaguar XF

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In the studio this month we had this 2013 Jaguar XF. As always we assessed the current condition of the vehicle with the client, then guiding them through our service list we confidently selected a service that suited the clients brief – Level 2 Enhancement Detail with Chip-Ex Repair and Ceramic Wheel Protection bolt ons.

There wasn’t much to report during the wash and decontamination stages so lets skip straight to the blemish report. A host a various paint defects were found including sanding marks and buffer trails which we are pretty confident were inflicted by the technicians at the factory. Well below the standards I’m sure Jaguar set for their vehicles but unfortunately this isn’t the first time we have noticed such defects.

We tested a few polish, pad and machine combinations and settled with Koch-Chemie H8o2 on a microfibre pad with the Rupes 21. With Jaguar paint being fairly intermediate to soft, with this combination we were able to remove almost all of the above defects producing a near imperfection free finish thus improving the reflective nature of the paint. We followed this by a second finishing polish stage with Koch-Chemie F5o1 to further refine the finish and improve gloss.

The client had brought quite a large chip on the rear quarter panel to our attention during the consultation that he was considering having a body shop repair. Although a bodyshop repair is the only way to fully remove any evidence of a chip, too often I see bad repairs that fall way below what we feel is an acceptable standard especially when forking out £500+ . To offer an alternative Devilish Detailing have teamed up with Chip-Ex to offer cost effective chip repairs. These repairs fall in-between DIY touch up kits and a good professional body shop repair which is reflected in the price. With a 100% colour match guarantee and 1 year warranty our Chip-Ex touch ups are perfect to lighten the effect of a chip.

Now with a much more desirable paint finish we prepared all the surfaces to accept the protection layer with an isopropyl alcohol wipe down. As a Koch-Chemie 1K Nano Approved Applicator we will be using 1K Nano as standard in all of our detailing services. 1K nano bonds with the paintwork for 18+ months to provide an incredibly glossy and slick surface that is resistant to extremes of PH, abrasion and is easier to maintain. This was mechanically applied to the paint to ensure an even and total coverage. Smart Glass was applied to all glass to create a superhydrophobic surface that quickly expels water, vastly improving visibility in even the most challenging driving conditions.


With selecting our Ceramic Wheel Protection package the wheels are removed to allow for better access to in the inner barrel so that any stubborn brake dust can be removed providing a perfectly clean surface to apply CarPro DLUX, a super durable ceramic sealant that is extremely resistant to heat and brake dust, making cleaning wheels a breeze! Re-fitting the centre caps to align with the valve and also polishing the bolts back to a high shine are two of the finer details that add to the overall appearance.

Once the wheels were returned to the vehicle and torqued to the manufactures recommendation, each panel was thoroughly checked under intense light to ensure the highest standards were met and the Jaguar was ready to be presented to the client.

Its always a pleasure to see the client so happy with the results and exceed their expectations. At Devilish Detailing we take great pride in producing the best possible results from your chosen service. It takes time and great attention to produce such results and it is always satisfying to know that it is appreciated!

Thanks for reading. As always if you have any questions, shoot us an email at


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