In The Studio – Abarth 500

In The Studio – Abarth 500

Welcome to another In the Studio article, this time we have a Fiat 500 Abarth in the stunning Ferrari Modena Yellow for a CQUK New Car Protection Detail.

Seeking the best start to life for his continuing love for 500 Abarths our client chose our New Car Protection Detail to preserve the new car look for as long as possible. On delivery, we inspected the paintwork with the client under a series of intense lights to identify any areas of concern. Thankfully, the paintwork was in a very good condition with a few localised areas of light swirling and marring.

Starting with the preparation of the vehicle we applied a series of decontamination products, firstly to remove iron fallout, which has most likely bonded with the paintwork during transportation from the factory to the dealership, and secondly to remove glue residues from transport protection films as well as road tar. By removing these contaminants at this stage means they will not interfere during the hand wash which may result in paint marring.

We then blanketed the vehicle in a layer of AutoFoam. This will penetrate the crevices and help to remove any hidden dirt. These areas are also agitated with a variety of soft detailing brushes to persuade any stubborn dirt out.

Now with as much of the dirt and contaminates removed in a contactless method as possible, we can now use our CarPro Merino Wool mitt, CarPro Reset Intensive Car Shampoo and the two bucket method to remove any remaining dirt on the paintwork with minimal risk of inflicting any wash scratches.

After one final rinse, we moved the vehicle inside to complete the final decontamination stage. A clay bar, in conjunction with a highly lubricated solution, was used to remove any more stubborn bonded contaminants that are not clearly visible. To have the paintwork completely free of any contamination is vital to provide a suitable base for the later application of the CQUK ceramic layer.

Now with the vehicle prepared and sitting up on our scissor lift, we removed the wheels and took them outside to receive the same decontamination process that the paint did.

Moving onto the polishing stages, I first tackled the previously identified areas where some defects were present, including a denibbing mark on the roof. These are removed with a mildly aggressive cutting compound and a cutting pad on our Rupes 75.

To further improve the finish the entire vehicle was polished with CarPro Essence Extreme Gloss Primer with various machines to ensure accurate and effective gloss enhancement. Essence is a unique 2 in 1 product that we love to work with. The fine dimension abrasives allow a high gloss finish to be achieved while leaving behind a thin layer of Si02 which provides a perfect base for the CQUK ceramic layer.

We left the primer overnight to cure before applying our full CarPro protection package that is included in our New Car Detail.

  • CQUK Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Dlux Ceramic Wheel Protection
  • Dlux Plastic & Trim Protection
  • Forte Glass Coating
  • CarPro Leather Protection
  • CarPro Fabric Guard

Together these offer the best total vehicle surface protection. Each product is designed to work specifically with the substrate they are applied to offering a functional surface that slows depreciation, enhances appearance and gives ease of maintenance for years.

After a final wipedown with CarPro Reload to enhance water behaviors, we checked over the vehicle to make sure every detail was addressed, and the vehicle was presented to the highest standards for the client.

An awesome little car that is ready to hit the road and show off that glossy Ferrari paint.

As ever, thanks for reading. If you have any question about this service, please do not hesitate to contact me on



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