Protection Detail

An intensive deep cleanse and protection package that is suited for vehicles that are regularly maintained and don't require any corrective machine polishing. 

Exterior surfaces become far easier to maintain whilst being protected from elements, perfect for daily driven vehicles. 

Although important year round, this services becomes crucial during the harsh winter months!  


  • PH neutral snow foam soak

  • Wheels removed and deeply cleansed 

  • Wheel arch, brake calliper and underbody deeply cleansed
  • Door shuts, exterior crevices and panel gaps cleansed

  • Engine bay degreased 
  • Vehicle safely washed via wash mitt and two-bucket method

  • Paintwork chemically treated and clayed to remove all foreign contaminants such as road tar, tree sap and industrial fallout


  • Paint cleansing hand polish, providing a perfect base for the protection layer.


  • Polish Angel premium grade carnauba wax applied in two layers 

  • Polish Angel SuperSport PTFE wheel wax applied and tyres dressed

  • Exterior glass polished and sealed with a nanotechnology sealant 

  • Plastics recoloured and protected with Nano Sealant 

  • Engine bay dressed with aerospace-grade protectant
  • Exhaust tips polished

Time required: 8-14 Hours 

Hatch/Small Coupe




4x4/Large Saloon


Protection Upgrades

CarPro Gliss Coat

  • Hyper Slick & Smooth
  • Anti-static: Resists Dust Retention
  • Enhances Resistance to Water & Mineral Stains
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Affect


Interior Options

Interior Detail

  • Deep Interior Steam Clean
  • Natural Factory Finish 


Leather & Fabric Protection

  • Stain Resistance 
  • Wear Resistance 


Bolts On's

Calliper & Hub Restoration

From £135

Wheel Refurbishment

From £80

Paintless Dent Removal

From £55

Additional charges may apply for excessively dirty vehicles, excess pet hair removal and/or biological liquid removal. 

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