New Car Detail

For most, a new car will be the second biggest investment in their lives and with having your new vehicle fully protected from the outset is the best way to not only retain its value but keep it looking great! 

Most dealership protection packages, due to time and training restraints, fall short of the standard you would expect given the initial cost. Here at Devilish Detailing, our New Car Detail is designed to give you value with practicality. Using only the best products at the forefront of vehicle protection.

To qualify for these results your vehicle must have less than 1000 miles. Aditional paint correctional work can be added when required at an additional cost. 

CarPro Professional Certified Detailer 


  • PH neutral snow foam soak

  • Wheels removed and deeply cleansed 

  • Door shuts, exterior crevices and panel gaps cleansed

  • Engine bay degreased 
  • Vehicle safely washed via wash mitt and two-bucket method

  • Paintwork chemically treated and clayed to remove all foreign contaminants such as road tar, glue residue from transport protection and industrial fallout


  • Defect report and paint depth readings recorded
  • Single stage paint enhancing polish to remove paint marring and boost gloss


  • C.Quartz Professional Ceramic paint protection (2 Year Limited Warranty)
  • DLUX Ceramic protection applied to alloy wheels, caliper and wheel arch
  • FORTE Glass sealant applied to all exterior glass
  • DLUX Ceramic protection applied to plastics and trim
  • Engine bay dressed with aerospace-grade protectant


  • Deep interior vacuum
  • UV protectant applied to dashboard
  • Leather protection applied
  • Fabric guard applied
  • Interior glass cleaned

Time required: 16-32 Hours 










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