Light Enhancement Detail

A perfect entry-level detailing experience for vehicles with light to moderate paint defects.

Bang for buck with a mildly abrasive single stage machine polish that can provide a dramatic improvement of gloss and clarity to paintwork by removing a bulk or surface defects.


  • PH neutral snow foam soak

  • Wheels removed and deeply cleansed 

  • Wheel arch, brake calliper and underbody deeply cleansed 
  • Door shuts, exterior crevices and panel gaps cleansed

  • Engine bay degreased 
  • Vehicle safely washed via wash mitt and two-bucket method

  • Paintwork chemically treated and clayed to remove all foreign contaminants such as road tar, tree sap and industrial fallout


  • Single stage paint enhancing polish to remove light scratches


  • Polish Angel premium grade carnauba wax applied in two layers (upgrades available)

  • Polish Angel SuperSport PTFE wheel wax applied and tyres dressed 

  • Exterior glass polished and sealed with a nanotechnology sealant 

  • Plastics recoloured and protected with Nano Sealant 

  • Engine bay dressed with aerospace-grade protectant
  • Exhaust tips polished

Time Required 16-20 Hours.

Hatch/Small Coupe






4x4/Large Saloon



Protection Upgrades 

CarPro Gliss Coat

  • Hyper Slick & Smooth
  • Anti-static: Resists Dust Retention
  • Enhances Resistance to Water & Mineral Stains
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Affect


C.Quartz Professional

  • Stays Clean & Glossy Longer Than Traditional Waxes
  • Resistance To Fine Swirls & Marring
  • Resistance To Bugs, Tar, & Bird Bombs
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


Polish Angel Cosmic

  • Ultimate Gloss & Carnuba Glow
  • 9H Surface Hardness 
  • 10-14 Micron Coating Thickness 
  • Ultimate Show Car Finish


Interior Options

Interior Detail

  • Deep Interior Steam Clean
  • Natural Factory Finish 


Leather & Fabric Protection

  • Stain Resistance 
  • Wear Resistance 


Bolts On's

Calliper & Hub Restoration

From £135

Wheel Refurbishment

From £80


From £55

Additional charges may apply for excessively dirty vehicles, excess pet hair removal and/or biological liquid removal. 

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